Why You Need To Get Your Blinds Cleaned Properly


Many of us in Australia have blinds in our homes to help keep out the sun and keep our homes cooler.We also install them to protect our privacy from prying eyes as well. They are all over the home from the kitchen to the bedrooms and over time they do get dirty. For families with kids who have allergies, this can be a nightmare and so it is important to clean your blinds on a regular basis. Dusting and wiping the blinds needs to be a daily occurrence in your home, as you need to avoid the build up of dust particles and other residues. It is a good idea to try to include it in your daily cleaning routine.

A Wipe Isn’t Enough

However, in places like the kitchen where lots of cooking takes place, your blinds can get very dirty and can prove to be difficult to clean. A quick wipe usually isn’t enough and more work needs to be done to get them back to their former glory. It is at times like these that you need to be looking for a company who can perform  blind cleaning in Perth and get all that oil and grease off your blinds. These blinds need a professional wash and trying to do it yourself can be a difficult job. When doing it yourself, you never seem to get all the dust and grease and there are always dirt spots when you are finished, no matter how long you have spent on them.

Be Careful Not To Damage Them

When trying to clean your own blinds, you may end up damaging them and having to replace some of the slats and that’s more money you need to spend. When you look closely at the blinds in any home, you don’t realise the kinds of things that have accumulated on your blinds. You will find animal hairs on there, human skin particles, nicotine if you are a smoker and bacteria I don’t even want to begin to tell you about. You may feel that by cleaning them yourself that they are clean – but they are not. You need to get the professionals in to do the job right, first time.

Makes A Real Difference

If it is your intention to try to sell your home, then dirty blinds might be the difference between a successful sale and no sale at all. If a prospective buyer is looking around your home and sees dirty blinds, what are they going to think? They will think that if this is how you look after your blinds then what else is wrong with your home. If you haven’t taken care of your blinds then it is most likely that you haven’t taken care of your home also. It’s an unfair judgement by the buyer and it may not be true, but that is the way of home buyers.

When it comes to cleaning your blinds, get the professionals to do it for you. That way you know it will be done correctly and your blinds will not get damaged in the process.