This Is Why Your Roof Is Leaking


Subject to Leaking

A local roofing company in Walton can repair whatever is wrong with your roof.

  • Flashing are pieces of metal or other materials that are used to seal up the edges of intentional punctures.
  • Since most punctures such as chimneys occur at a perpendicular angle to the roof, they’re very difficult to seal perfectly. A flashing goes over that seal to make sure it is watertight.
  • They can also install some kinds of hardening liquids such as putty or tar, depending on the roof’s material.
  • Unintentional punctures also could be responsible for the leaks. They can be repaired with patches or similar procedures.


Finally, your roof might be leaking because of your gutters. If your gutters are clogged or not working properly, such an issue could lead to water inundating your roof. Eventually, it will find its way under the shingles or the tile and into your house. Repairing your gutters could stop or slow the leaks down.