Selling Residential Real Estate: Top 4 Ways

House on suburban street with 'For Sale' sign in foreground --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

There are potential real estate buyers everywhere. How do successful agents and brokers know which ones to talk to and get them to actually buy? Clever networking is mostly the answer. This isn’t just about finding people through friends, however. It’s about creative strategizing.

Look in the right places

People who have rented in the mid- to high-bracket for a few years tend to respond very well to sales pitches. Using various marketers’ databases to identify the renters of expensive homes, it can be easy to find those who would appreciate help discussing possible homebuying plans.

These databases can also help target current homeowners. Many have active plans to upsize or downsize, or to invest in a second home.

According to Eastern Title and Settlement, a leading title processing service, in many cases, being successful selling residential real estate comes down to an ability to invest in building long-term relationships. Opening lines of communication and building trust is important because when people need to invest, they think of those whom they have seen around a lot.

Pick the right time to sell your house

Spring is usually the time most potential homebuyers start looking. You’ll find it much harder to get interested parties calling if you sell during one of the low times of the year.  Investing your advertising budget in spring can make for a greater return on your investment.

Everything needs a web presence

When people come across anything that interests them these days, they look to see if it has a website. You only need to put together a simple, but professional website for each home that you put up, and consider investing in viral videos. Certainly, it can be hard to think of an idea that works. Many home sellers do work with their real estate agents to create videos to go viral, however.  The more you invest in creative route, the healthier your chance of finding serious players.

Answer questions before anyone even thinks of them

Thorough information can be a huge bonus to buyers. People want to be treated with consideration. From the color of the walls to the presence of local amenities, you want to pick up on every single question that a family is likely to have, and answer it. Great information is a surprisingly easy trick to quickly find home buyers.