Roof Restorations for Tiled Roofs Save Homeowners Money


Roof tiles are durable and can last a long time. However, they do need to be maintained and repaired from time to time. If you have a tiled roof that has not been checked for some time, now is the time to have an inspection scheduled.

Restoring a Tiled Roof

Roofing restoration professionals follow several steps in order to provide full maintenance. This maintenance includes coating the roof as well. In order to begin the maintenance process, the roof is secured against any leaks. Restorers also replace tiles that are broken or chipped with tiles that have matching designs. Any small corners are repaired with a co-polymer mastic material.

Pressure Washing the Roof

After these roof repairs in Perth, WA are made, the roofing specialists will inspect and secure the roof’s flashings and check the valley iron. Next, a high-pressure wash is employed to remove lichen, moss, grime, and oxidation. The pressure wash is performed to ensure that the sealer that is used will adhere properly.

Applying the Sealant

Once the technician has pressure-washed the roof, he or she cleans and flushes the gutters. Any missing or broken capping is replaced. In addition, the capping is repointed with an acrylic compound. This compound permits expansion and contraction. After this step, the roof is sprayed with a sealant and the roof is allowed to dry for 48 hours. After this initial coat, two more coats are applied.

The coating is used to restore the roof because it contains anti-fungal ingredients. It is also formulated to prevent the penetration of UV rays. When this type of coating is added, it carries a 20-year guarantee. The restoration is done in a way that minimises disruptions to the property owner. The high-pressure wash that is used is approximately 3,000 psi, which is a safe yet effective pressure measurement.

When a sealant is used on a roof, it makes it possible for the roof to stand up well to weather extremes. The coating, which is non-toxic, complies with the roofing industry’s standards for performance.

Restoring an Iron Roof

Besides tile, you can also use this restoration process on an iron roof. When the procedure is done on an iron roof, the technicians check the roof for leaks and fix them where they are found. They also look for patches of rust. If rust is found, it is cleaned and treated with a rust converter product.

The flashings are checked and secured and all the tek screws are inspected and replaced as needed. After the preliminary steps, the roof is pressure-washed so the restoration sealant can be applied. Just as with a tiled roof, the gutters and downspouts are cleaned and flushed before all the coatings are applied.

As you can see, sealing a tiled or iron roof is a clear-cut process. It also will add years to your roof’s life.