Restore the Colour of Your Carpeting


If you want to refresh the looks of your floor covering without resorting to an expensive replacement, you may want to think about restoring it. Not only can you revitalise the hues of carpets but you can have bleach spots repaired as well.

For example, bleach spots may detract from the look of your current carpet. If so, the faded and unsightly spots can be removed. Bleach spots may appear in such colours as yellow, orange, or white on carpeting. However, a restoration company can restore the spots and provide the perfect colour match. This can even be done on patterned or multi-coloured designs.

Reasons for a Restoration

The reasons you may require a rated carpet restoration in Pimlico may include the following:

  • Certain stains and spots have developed over time.
  • Cleaning chemicals have dulled the looks of the carpeting.
  • The UV rays have caused the carpet to fade.

Benefits of Restoration

When a carpet is coloured and restored, the following results can be accomplished:

  • The carpet can be changed to an entirely new colour. Therefore, outdated carpet colours can be completely modified.
  • The carpet can be restored to a colour-fast hue that is non-toxic and environmentally safe.
  • After the carpet is dyed, it can be walked on immediately.
  • Certain design elements such as shapes and borders can be altered.
  • Stains caused by pets or spills such as coffee can be safely and successfully removed.

Carpet restoration companies normally specialise in Persian and Oriental rug repairs. In particular, Persian rugs are often susceptible to the damages associated with UV fading. However, a company that offers intricate colour restorations can easily remediate the damage.