Improve Your House for a Better Price


If you have two houses and want to get rid of one or simply rent it, or you are just moving house and need to sell the old property that you don’t plan on returning to after the removal services are done, you need to get some work done before you start calling the moving companies. Some cleaning up and improvement will give a good boost to the price of the house and you will walk away from it a winner.

Clean up

The outlook of the house will be the first thing that the potential buyer will see, obviously. You need to get a duster, a vacuum, and some cleaning products, and go wild. The better the house looks, the more money you can demand, so shine those sinks and bathrooms, scrub those floors, vacuum those carpets, and wipe those windows. And don’t forget about the mold! A common problem that all houses have is an unknown source of moisture that eventually accumulates in odourous and horrible mold which digs into the floors, walls, and ceilings. Check everywhere for mold, and clean it up.

Choose your buyer and stylize

If you are selling, you should probably have a target buyer in mind. If you put the house for sale for everybody, this will probably result in a lot of people going through the newly cleaned house, with half of them having no real intention of buying just because of how the house looks. Pick your buyers and set up the house to be in their liking. Have a spacey house with little colours for students, for example – they don’t need much beside a kitchen, a bedroom, and space to store their things in. You don’t even have to place decorations – they will do their own decorating, whether you did so or not. You can do more stylizing if you expect more posh or capricious buyers – have a theme that might be of their liking. The main thing you should remember is to take your own style with you. Make your old home as neutral as possible, and don’t push your preferences to others. Hire a man with a van to remove and store somewhere your more special themed items. Get some paint and use white as a main colour – if the buyers are not fans of the colour, they can always repaint it, it’s their house now anyway.

Freshen up the garden

If you have a lawn, you should do some gardening as well. Buyers will like to enter property where they don’t have to dodge roots and weeds at every step. Having a nice, mowed lawn with space for a garden and some lounges will always put potential buyers in a money-giving mood. Mow the lawn, weed out the plants, trim the hedges, and work for your money.

Leave the house in the same state you wish to see it in, were you entering it for the first time. When the moving van is finished loading up your things, start rearranging, cleaning and repainting. When the buyer’s house movers arrives, the place needs to be as if you were never there. Now you can peacefully focus on your own relocation.