How Locksmiths Open Your Car


It sometimes seems as if you lock your keys in your car at the most inopportune moments. In fact, that’s almost always true. When you’re attempting to get into your car, you are obviously trying to go somewhere. Locking your keys in your car prevents you from going to that place. If you are not near a set of spare keys, you have a few options. Your best one is to call a professional locksmith to help you get into your car. A locksmith will use a couple of different methods to get into your car.

Slim Jim

The most common method for getting into a vehicle, especially an older vehicle, is a slim jim.

  • A slim jim is a thin metal rod that is slender enough to fit between the door frame and the window. It can be slipped into the doorframe and used to hook the latch that holds the door lock.
  • Emergency locksmiths in Catford use the slim jim to reach into the door and unlatch the lock.
  • Such a method works for most vehicles.

A slim jim or a similar metal wire can be used to reach into the window and unhook the latch from the inside as well. If that doesn’t work, the locksmith will have to actually fashion a new key for the car.

New Key

In some cases, your locksmith will have to actually fashion a new key, which can be helpful to someone who needs a spare key anyway. The locksmith will reverse engineer a key to fit your lock and allow you back into your vehicle.