Home Decorations for When Renting Out Your Old House


You have a new place and your relocation is on its way. The moving company is almost done with your old place and so are you, but you are not yet ready to sell the old house out of sentimental reasons. So what should you do? Rent would be the optimal choice – you can have someone pay you in regular fees to not sell the house, and you will have a new income source besides your job. It sounds reasonable enough, but there is something missing. Yes, you took everything with you when you moved. Renting an empty house is not exactly a family’s dream, so the potential candidates will be down to a minimum. What you need to do is redesign the house and add some new décor. After that, sit back and wait for the potential tenants to come asking for your house. Here are some tips on the décor.

  • First and foremost, you need a clean house. You cannot expect people to come in a land of dirt and dust, and want to live there, or expect them to like the overall look and clean it themselves. Clean the place up, or hire somebody to do it for you.
  • Keep it clean. You don’t really expect that the tenants will come rushing in on day one, right? Arrange a clean up every once in a while to keep the place spotless and most appealing to those who visit it to check it out.
  • If the paint on the walls is old and crumbling, make an effort and redo it. You should repaint even if the paint is well, but the color is thematic. De-personalize the house and remove your favorite colors, replacing them with something appealing to the majority – like neutral colors. White or light gray walls will do the trick. Keeping the old colors means risking less potential tenants to be interested in staying because they don’t feel like repainting.
  • Decorate the place. All the furniture you are leaving behind should not be piled up in the middle of the rooms and left to the potential tenants to deal with them. A more organised place will draw in more clients and the chance to get a tenant will be higher. You can pick some theme to organize them to, but that is wholly unnecessary as a tenant will move everything whose place he or she does not like. You can place some ornaments here and there to make the place more appealing to the eye, but you have to think more practical and less pretty.
  • If you are not to be bothered with all this and have the financial opportunity, get a real estate agent, and an interior designer to deal with the old place. They will do whatever gets the most money for you and for them, so you won’t have to worry about who you pick as long as they are capable.

Now that the planning is done, set a moving date and call the removal company to inform them about it. It’s time to focus on your new life which begins when the movers arrive and take you away from the old house and towards your new one. Read more at: http://www.removalslondon.com/house-removals/