Granny Flats Are Ideal Installations for Adding a Living Space


Instead of building an extension for your older relative, why not add a granny flat to your property? This type of building will allow your older family member to sustain his or her independence whilst enjoying privacy as well. This affordable solution allows you to build a one, two, or three-bedroom detached home in your backyard.

Granny Flat Floor Plans

You can obtain floor plans from builders that offer this type of building service. Floor plans include semi-ensuite designs as well as kitchen, living, and meal areas. They also often showcase a built-in laundry room. Porches and al fresco eating areas can be included as well. All flats can be customised to suit the configurations of your block shape and size.

Indeed, building a granny flat is much more affordable than selling and buying a larger home. This type of structure also provides an economical option for parents who wish to downgrade their current home. Granny flats in WA can be constructed in sizes that are between 50m2 and 70m2 floor space, subject to planning approval. When you meet with a representative that provides these types of homes, you will have a chance to choose the colours and materials for the construction. You can even specify construction with thermal or double-brick walls.

3D Imaging

When building plans are made, you can even take advantage of 3D imaging. This type of software makes it possible to see the home’s design beforehand, thereby eliminating any frustrations about what to expect. You can see the floor plan in 3D and take a virtual tour of the new home before it is built.

By using this type of software, a designer can incorporate any changes that you request. You can also see your building dreams materialise before your eyes. This way, you will know what to anticipate once the home is built on your proposed space.

A Popular Secondary Structure

The term “granny flat” is a description that is used for a secondary structure on a property. You can attach the flat to the main house or to a garage. It can also be created as a separate building. In most cases, it is better to build a new structure as it will not interfere with the architecture of the main house. This is why a granny flat is often a cost-efficient alternative to renovating a house.

Granny flats are normally smaller than the main house as they can be only 60 square metres overall. The buildings can be built quickly as most of the flats can be completed in as little as eight weeks. Most of the flats can also be constructed on residentially zoned properties. However, again, you need to check with your local council to see if there are any restrictions in place. The best way to check this out is to buy a planning certificate from your local council first.

Usually regulations for building a flat require that the owner of the also be the owner of the primary house. Additionally, each residential property can only build one flat. Flats cannot exist on community title or subdivided properties.