Five Tips for Finding a New Home in Another Country


Relocating to another city for a job can be difficult, not to mention to another country. Not only do you have to make arrangements to sell the home you’re currently living in, but you also have to trust someone you’ve never met to help you find a home in the country to which you’re moving. If you need to relocate overseas, here are some tips for finding a place to live.

Find a Liaison

It can take weeks to find a suitable property even when you live in the same city, so you need to find someone who can act as an intermediary for you in the country to which you’re moving. Your company may already have a real estate company they work with to help their employees relocate, but if not, try to find someone that can recommend a company or an agent you can work with to help find a new home.

Ask Questions, Lots of Questions

If you’ve never been to where you’re moving, you won’t know which areas of town are safe and which to avoid. Don’t hesitate to ask the person acting as your liaison questions about where you’re moving to and which parts of town you need to stay away from, especially if you have a family. Ask about the schools for your children and about the job market if your spouse needs to find employment after relocating.


Be Clear about Your Needs

While we all want to find the perfect place to live no matter where we are, you have to focus on what you actually need rather than your desires. When you start working with a real estate company, make your needs clear to them. If you need a three-bedroom for your family, a small two-bedroom apartment is not going to be livable for you. Make sure the agent knows exactly what you expect him or her to find to fit your needs.

Be Open to Options

In some countries, your real estate options may be limited by the area to which you’re moving. If you’re used to living in the suburbs of London in a single family home, you may have to adjust your expectations and be open to finding a townhouse for sale in Thong Lo if you’re relocating to Thailand. While you may not wish to comprise on the size of the property in order to comfortably fit your family, don’t expect to find the same types of living options in another country.

Do Necessary Paperwork

Make sure any necessary paperwork needed for an overseas relocation is in order before you and your family need to move. If it isn’t done correctly, it can cause significant delays in your ability to get settled into your new home, or you may need to leave your family behind until you get settled and can bring them over to join you.

It is important to stay in close communication with your liaison in order to find a suitable place to live when you need to relocate overseas.