Do You Need PAT Testing


You can gain a lot of advantages in terms of safety from portable appliance testing or PAT evaluations. Whilst the reason for the testing is to comply with legal regulations, it also ensures that all portable appliances are safe to operate and use. If you want avoid paying out a substantial amount of money in a lawsuit, PAT assessments are indeed important.

Therefore, you need to team with a contractor who offers experienced electrician services in Middlesbrough. Use a contractor who is familiar with the PAT process and the reasons for the assessments. Because 25% of electrical accidents are due to defective portable appliances, this type of testing is imperative.

Primary Benefits

Some of the primary benefits of PAT evaluations for businesses include the following:

  • Enhanced safety for workplace employees and visitors
  • Reduced costs for insurance
  • Reduced workplace liability
  • Easier asset tracking and maintenance
  • Increased asset values
  • Better workplace productivity using safe and dependable equipment
  • Reduced legal risks

Does the Contractor Features the Latest Equipment?

By choosing a full-service electrical contractor, you can ensure that your PAT evaluations will go smoothly. Make sure you choose someone who can provide you with electrical services that cover all your company’s electrical needs. Technicians should use the latest equipment, regardless of the specific service.

If you want to protect your employees and visitors and comply with your business’ electrical regulations, you need to regularly schedule PAT assessments in the workplace. The testing service covers voltages that range from 115 volts to 400 volts. Call out is available to make the service convenient for customers. All the records from the process should be maintained for a period of five years.