Different ways to use serving platters in your home

serving platters

When it comes to use platters as a decorative accessory, there are a lot ways to adorn your home with some amazing ideas. For an eclectic look, you may create a niche above the wooden cabinet in your living room or just adorn the wonderful vases with decorative platters on the wall. Platters have been used to enhance the look of the interior décor since last few decades. They prominently add a vintage aura to your interiors when displayed symmetrically or asymmetrically.

You might often wonder what to do with wide blank space on your walls as there are plenty of choices around. Here is the key to sprucing up your interior décor with the help of some beautiful serving platters. You can opt for a country look or just an architectural salvage, but hanging vintage platters on the wall in your dining room will add an unconventional wall concept. This article comprises of some ideas which might help you use the serving platters in different ways to decorate the dull space in your home.

serving platters

  • All you need to do is look around your house and check whether there is an empty space which can be adorned in a way that completely changes the aura. If your dining comprises a neutral palette and some luxurious tufted chairs, you may soften the ambience by making it an inviting space for entertainment. A few porcelain serving platters hung above the buffet will surely add a textural interest and are just a lovely stand-in for your artwork.
  • As for your living room, you may rest two brown stools alongside a wall and adorn them with multiple blue and brown fleurs-de-lis which will contrast your bright interiors. To spruce up the space you may add a few blue hanging platters with a country touch. A built white shelf can also add a charm and serves as an unexpected spot for storage for your decorative accessories.
  • If you want to add some vibrant colors to your bedroom décor, a red and white combination for the bedspreads and the hanging platters will just provide you the spark. This kind of combination will also add a personal touch and a big personality with a montage of porcelain platters and a layered floral linen arrangement on the bed.
  • You may also opt for a cottage style room with floral sitting arrangement and some of your feminine touch to it. This touch throughout the room will add a fresh zest to the room and will provide you a relaxing environment. You can beautify the space with some asymmetrical compilation of hanging platters on the wall to make it a focal point.
  • Serving platters can also be used to adorn your hanging drapes and the juxtaposed antique wardrobe. The window next to your cozy bed can be adjoined with an artistic element of the hanging platters. Such serving platters always provide you a different ambience with an extra textural interest to the space.