Buyers Agents Will See Different Things You Will Not


Buying any real estate property is a serious investment. It is something that you want to be sure you will do in a proper way. That is not as easy as you may think at first glance. There are so many things that you need to look at and analyze. The truth is that in many cases people miss out on some things that are quite important. This problem is so easy solvable when you hire buyers agents like from First Exclusive. That is because the agents will be able to analyze the properties you think about buying in a totally different way than what you would do. This does include the following things.

Buyers Agents

Inspecting On Arrival

As soon as the buyers agent reaches the property, he/she will take a look at the following:

  • Making sure that the land is level
  • Analyzing the area to see how the home fares as compared to the other houses in the region
  • Looking at whether or not the presence of the other homes makes the current home more appealing
  • Analyzes drainage levels to be sure that there are no problems that could appear on the long run
  • Analyzes all outside improvements made and understands their value

Inspecting The Home

This is obviously the most important part of the inspection. As an interested buyer, you would look at many things but it is a certainty that the specialized agent is going to analyze a lot more than you. This does include but is not limited to the following:

  • The presence of safety switches, fire alarms and other safety features.
  • Analyzes the water system in order to see age. The same is done for the gas system and for electricity.
  • The bedroom is measured.
  • Every room’s attributes.
  • Looking for improvements that are approved by local councils.
  • Looking for evidence that some structural wall damage exists.
  • Analyzes home insulation.
  • Analyzes the roof.
  • Analyzes the areas of the home that you rarely look at to see some evidence that hidden problems may exist.
  • Looks at the street that the home is on.
  • Notes outdoor entertaining areas that may be present.

Buyers agents are going to have the best interests of the buyer in mind. This means that there is an analysis of practically everything that would have an impact on the value of the property. Because of the real estate knowledge that exists, it is a certainty that the buyers agent will be able to come up with the actual home value. The interested buyer will not be able to do this due to the lack of knowledge about the topic.

In the event that you go to a home viewing without actually knowing what has to be analyzed, there is a pretty good possibility you would end up with a bad idea of the true value of the property. This is something that can easily hurt your negotiations. You surely want to know what you are buying. That is precisely what the buyers agent will offer for the clients represented.